A Comprehensive Suite of Resume Writing & Value-Added Services

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Resume Writing

We design and write resumes that effectively communicate the impact of your skills and achievements and summarize why you will be invaluable to an organization. We are experts at ATS-optimized resumes that will convince recruiters and get through the ATS software.

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Cover Letter Writing

Make a lasting first impression on your recruiter that will make it hard to turn down what you have to offer. No job application is complete without a well-written cover letter and our cover letters are customized for each client, their career path, and job industry.

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LinkedIn Optimization

Our certified LinkedIn profile writers will collaborate with you to optimize your LinkedIn profile for job searches, boost your market value, and make your page easily discoverable by the people that matter in your industry. We update and optimize your LinkedIn profile for the job you want.

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Thank-you Letter Drafting

If you are wondering whether to send a thank you email after an interview, the answer is always ‘Yes!’. The recruitment process is often tedious for hiring managers but by sending a single thank-you email, you can increase your chances of standing out as a candidate.

Cv and Cover Letter in Us

Professional Bio Writing

We write professional bios that deftly convey the story of your professional journey. Whether you need it for job searches, presentations, or speaking engagements, our professional bio writers capture your essence as a person and pique the interest of the reader to learn more about you!

Professional Resume Writing Service in Us

E-Note Drafting

Our e-note or short email message drafted on your behalf to follow up on a job interview is another easy way to increase recall value with your recruiter. An E-note informs the hiring manager that you are interested in the position you applied for and demonstrates strong communication skills and thoughtfulness which can work in your favor.

Resume Editing in Us

Career Coaching

Career coaching begins with reviewing resumes of applicants and continues until the desired employment is found. Whether you are new to the job search or looking to shift industries, we help you prepare for interviews with the help of rigorous Q&A sessions, analysis of branding docs and resume, and by making suggestions on best-fit industries and companies.

Motivational Letter Drafting

A supplement to internship resumes and resumes without much experience, motivational letters allow job applicants to describe their personality, interests, and motives for applying. We write personalized motivational letters that will offer recruiters the opportunity to see why you are the best fit for a position and persuade them to call you up for an interview.